Fleck 9000 Mechanical Metered Dual Tank BRASS Control Head

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Product Features

Fleck 9000

Dual tank head replacement head. DOES NOT include the second tank tube assembly.


Brass valve body construction for superior durability. For the fiber reinforced polymer construction, look at the Fleck 9100 valve

For Water Softeners

Metered control with brine draw for dual tank water softeners. Please indicate your tank diameter under the "Options" tab above.


Measures water use and regenerates on demand. Includes 3/4" flow meter assembly


Simple gear-driven operation with turn dial controls

Product Description

For water softeners

Replace your old, worn out, or non-functioning control valve with a new, efficient metered control valve made by Fleck, the #1 manufacturer of control heads in the U.S.

The Fleck 9000 is a popular choice for large homes or small to medium commercial applications. The high flow valve designs allows for high flow rates with minimal flow restriction. The Fleck 9000 is one of the most popular control heads found on dual tank water softeners in the US, and for good reason: simple setup, brass valve body construction, reliable design, and a 5-year warranty all come together to provide an efficient, cost effective control head.

Metered control regenerates based on the amount of water used, not time, make it more efficient and enabling it to keep up with peak demands. For example, if you are out of town and water use is minimal, this control delays regeneration, saving salt and water. If you have extra company, this sytem increases regeneration frequency, ensuring you have treated water.

Mechanical controller provides simple gear-driven operation with turn dial controls. Higher gallon capacity can improve efficiency, using less salt and water to backwash on larger systems and/or systems used on low water hardness. At a glance the dial shows you how many gallons remaining until regeneration and a regeneration can be initiated by the turn of a dial.

Includes second tank adapter

Simple, time tested design uses a piston to control water flow. This allows for reliable performance and reduces maintenance cost and time.

Complete service manual included with basic installation, service, and maintenance instructions as well as parts diagrams

5-year manufacturers warranty ensures against defects and provides quality assurance.

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