Eco-Spring Home Water Purifier Compact Reverse Osmosis

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Product Features

Complete System

Eco-Spring System
4-in-1 Prefilter
40 GPD Membrane
Remineralization Post Filter
Installation Kit

Compact Size

Measures 9.72-inch x 13.75-inch x 15.38-inch and weighs only 11 lb, so it will fit just about anywhere

Eco Friendly

Reduced waste, bio-based fittings, and carbon neutrality, in addition to the reduction of plastic waste by eliminating the need for bottled water

Simple Maintenance

Only 2 filters to change annually, the 4-stage prefilter and the post filter

Installation Kit

Includes feedwater adapter, drain valve, and pre-connected tubing


Includes complete, detailed instruction manual

Product Description

Environmentally friendly Eco-spring compact RO system by Hydro-logic creates high quality water in a carbon neutral product. Compact size allows for installation in small spaces, so anyone can have one.

Compact design takes up a fraction of the space that normal RO systems do and uses up to 50% less waste water too! Simple maintenance makes this a system that everyone will want, with only 2 filters to change once a year.

High flow faucet uses allows for more flow than typical faucets as well, meaning you get the water you need, NOW, without having to wait.

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