2 Stage 10-inch Alkaline Drinking Water Filter for Heavy Metals & Increased Alkalinity

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Product Features

Complete System

Includes pre-assembled system with filters, complete installation kit with color coded tubing, faucet, and installation/maintenance manual. Everything needed for most installations!

2 Stage Filtration

Stage 1 - GAC/KDF55 filter removes chlorine, chloramines, tastes, chemicals, odors, and heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and iron.
Stage 2 - The Aptera alkaline filter is a multi-media filter that raises the pH 1-3 points while also alkalizing the water. This increased alkalinity decreases your acid intake and enables your body to operate more efficiently

Installation Kit

Includes all the parts you need to install the system in most applications, including 5/8" feed water connector and ball valve (fits most standard faucet shanks), filter housing wrench, color coded tubing, and installation instructions

FLOWLOK Leak Protection System Included

Included at no extra cost with your system is the FLOWLOK Leak Protection system. The FLOWLOK Leak Protection system is an innovative device that installs right below your water filtration system in minutes. No special tools are required and it does not need electricity to operate. FLOWLOK Leak Detectors utilize a highly compressed safety disc that expands when it absorbs water. Once the safety disc has detected water it expands and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water entering the water filtration device. See more details

Chrome Designer Faucet

For dispensing your treated water, with Touch-Flo lever design for ease of use. Push down on the lever release and it closes, or lift up and the lever to lock it open. Faucet upgrades are available.

Mounting Bracket

Allows for mounting of the filter system, increasing your installation options

High Quality Standard Size Filters

High quality NSF certified filters in standard 2.5-inch x 9.75-inch size. Compatible size filters are readily available at most hardware stores

NSF Certified Components

All components, including the filters and membrane, are NSF certified for the highest quality system.

Compact Size

System measures 16"x12"x6" and can easily fit under most sinks.

Product Description

The 2 Stage 10-inch Drinking Water Filter with Alkaline Filter features 2 different filters for wide range of contaminant removal and increase alkalinity and pH. The GAC/KDF filter removes chlorine, chloramines, tastes, odors, and heavy metals from your water, including lead, mercury, and low levels of iron. The alkaline filter increase your water's pH by 1-2 points AND alkalizes the water, resulting in an even more health beneficial water. Included with the system is color-coded tubing, feed-water adapter, chrome faucet, filter housing wrench, and instructions. The system can easily be mounted or placed under your sink & pulled out for easy filter changes and maintenance.

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