UV Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV Ultraviolet Disinfection

  • UV Bulb 1 GPM Intelifil 6W

    Standard UV bulb fits most RO systems Product Features Intelifil The most common UV filter used on RO systems Replaces UVB1 Identical product, updated part number 1 GPM 6W bulb treats 1 gallon per minute 100% Bacteria Kill Eliminates bacteria and...
  • Replacement UV Lamp (Bulb) Sterilight S36RL

    Replacement lamp (bulb) for Sterilight S12Q-PA, part number S36RL Product Features Replacement Lamp Fits S12Q-PA, S12Q-PA/2, SSM-39, SSM-39/2, S12Q, S12Q/2, S12Q-GOLD, S12Q-GOLD/2, S24Q, S24Q/2, S24Q-GOLD, S24Q-GOLD/2, S40Q, S40Q/2, SUV24P-100P, PVC...
  • Replacement UV Lamp (Bulb) Sterilight S810RL

    Replacement lamp (bulb) for Sterilight S8Q-PA, part number S810RL Product Features Replacement Lamp Fits S8Q-PA, S8Q-PA/2, SSM-37, SSM-37/2, S8Q, S8Q/2, S8Q-GOLD, S8Q-GOLD/2 S810RL Standard replacement part number, includes set of o-rings
  • 1 GPM UV Filter for Drinking Water

    Replacement UV filter includes the lamp and quartz sleeve. Great if you are having problems with a leaking housing and need to replace your lamp as well. Product Features Filter Only Includes only the UV filter with quartz sleeve and lamp; transformer,...
  • Replacement UV Lamp (Bulb) Sterilight S463RL

    Replacement lamp (bulb) for Sterilight S5Q-PA, part number S463L Product Features Replacement Lamp Fits S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, SSM-24, SSM-24/2, S5Q, S5Q/2, S5Q-GOLD, S5Q-GOLD/2 S463RL Standard replacement part number, includes set of o-rings Product...
  • Viqua Sterilight 14-18 GPM UV VH410

    Disinfection for flow rates up to 18 GPM in a compact design. Features Treats 18 GPM @ 30mJ/cm2 Rated to treat up to 18 gallons per minute at industry standard 30mJ/cm2 Treats 14 GPM @ 40mJ/cm2 Using the NSF dosage of 40mJ/cm2, this system...
  • UV Sterilizer S8Q-PA Sterilight 7.7-20 GPM

    7.7 gallons per minute (GPM) UV treatment systems for killing bacteria. Sterilght brand system is the industry standard for bacteria treatment. Product Features Treats 7.7-20 GPM 7.7@40mJ/cm²(NSF)10@30mJ/cm²20@16mJ/cm² Chemical...
  • 1 GPM UV Kit for Drinking Water

    This complete kit comes with everything you need to upgrade common drinking water systems with a bacteria & virus killing UV sterilizer. This includes the UV filter, transformer, clips, tubing, and connection instructions. Product Features Complete...
  • Replacement UV Lamp (Bulb) Sterilight S740RL-HO

    Replacement lamp (bulb) for Sterilight SPV-15, SP740-HO, SC-740 and SCM-740 systems, part number S740RL-HO Product Features Replacement Lamp Fits SPV-15, SP740-HO, SC-740 and SCM-740 units S740RL-HO Standard replacement part number, includes set of...