20-inch Two Canister Big Blue CUSTOM Filter System

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2-Stage Big Blue
  • Complete 2-stage setup
  • Customize with the filters you need
  • Available without filters
  • Larger 4.5-inch diameter
  • Filter wrench included
Customize your system
Select from a wide range of filter options available to create the ideal system for you. View filter options and information here - http://store.afwfilters.com/20-inch-big-blue-filters/
Large 4.5-inch filters
Larger filter provides longer life and less flow restriction
Installation Cover Sheet
Online installation instructions provide help with installation, with only simple plumbing connections required.
Required hardware
Required Hardware
Includes required hardware for system assembly
Housing Wrench
Filter Housing Wrench
Includes heavy duty filter housing wrench to help make changing filters easier.
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