Flexeon (Titan) 1000 GPD Commercial Whole House RO System

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Systems are custom built when ordered, shipping availability varies depending on demand, average time to ship is 1-2 weeks


Product Features

1000 GPD

Produces a maximum of 1000 gallons per day. When sizing ensure system is capable of twice the predicted usage for best performance and longevity

2-Stage Prefilter

10" Big Blue sediment and carbon prefilter protects system components

Fluid-O-Tech™ Pump

High pressure rotary vane pump provides optimum operating pressure for maximum membrane efficiency

Flow Meters

Permeate and concentrate flow meters to monitor and adjust system performace

Stainless Steel Concentrate Valve

Allows for adjustment of concentrate to suit application

Prefilter Pressure Gauges

Provides at a glance monitoring of pressure drop though prefilters, an indicator of filter change requirements

Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

Provides a high quality, light weight base for ease in placing the system

John Guest Fittings

Quick connect fittings with locking clips make system maintenance simple

Product Description

The Flexeon (formerly Titan) line of commercial RO systems provide purified water in a variety of sizes for any need, from small systems for lab purposes, mid-size systems for home purification, or large systems for large scale bottling operations. High quality construction ensures long lasting operation and low replacement costs

Large scale reverse osmosis is the key solution to providing high volumes of purified water. These systems can provide the water needed for exacting laboratory tests, high quality spot free rinses for car washes, and any other application where pure water is essential.

Reverse osmosis is also the key to eliminating high sodium and/or TDS levels in the water. Typical filtration is unable to remove these troublesome water problems, but the Flexeon systems are capable of reducing sodium and TDS levels by up to 98%! That makes these systems ideal for homes where sodium intake is closely monitored, or homes with excessive TDS levels.

For peak performance we recommend using high quality atomspheric storage tanks and top of the line Grundfos inline pressurization pumps, contact us for a great deal on a complete setup.

More Info

Flexon AT Series Spec Sheet -

Flexeon AT Series Manual -

More on commercial/whole house RO systems

Commercial RO systems are typically used when high volumes of pure water are needed (such as spot free rinse cycles at car washes) or for situations where RO is the only way to treat the problem (such as homes with high sodium and/or TDS). Whole house RO systems are NOT designed as a fix-all solution. Iron and hardness should be removed before entering the RO system (see system operation limits below).

Typical setups for Flexeon systems include a storage tank and pump for delivering the treated water back into the house. The system is installed after the pressure tank on applications using a well. Important: When sizing a commercial RO system, the system needs to be rated for at least twice the planned usage rate (e.g. if planned usage is 500 gallons per day, the ideal system would be 1000 GPD or larger). This prevents premature wear on the system and can significatly decrease long term maintenance costs.

Operation Conditions
Maximum Feed Temperature 105°F (40.96°C)   Maximum Free Chlorine 0 ppm
Minimum Feed Temperature 40°F (4.44°C) Maximum TDS 2000 ppm
Maximum Ambient Temperature 120°F (48.89°C) Maximum Hardness 15 GPG (256.5 ppm)
Minimum Ambient Temperature 35°F (1.66°C) Maximum pH (Continuous) 11
Maximum Feed Pressure 85 psi (5.86 bar) Minimum pH (Continuous) 3
Minimum Feed Pressure 150 psi (10.34 bar) Minimum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.) 2
Maximum SDI Rating <3 SDI    
Maximum Turbidity 1 NTU    
Minimum Feed Temperature 40°F (4.44°C) Maximum TDS 2000 ppm
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