Turbidex Media - 0.5 cu ft

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Half Cubic Foot Turbidex™ Replacement Media
Sediment and turbidity reduction media

  • Traps sediment as small as 5-micron
  • 1/2 cubic foot Turbidex media
  • Service flow - 12 GPM per sq ft surface area
  • Peak flow - 20 GPM per sq ft surface area
  • Backwash flow MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - 14 GPM per sq ft surface area
  • Backwash flow RECOMMENDED - 18 GPM per sq ft surface area
  • Bed Depth: 30-48 inches
  • Freeboard: 50% of bed depth

The advanced technology of Turbidex will provide cleaner, clearer water. Using a combination of mechanical separation, sedimentation, flocculation, absorption, and ion-exchange provides a much higher level of filtration than standard sediment filtration systems.

Reduces sediment down as small as 5-microns, which is smaller that the naked eye can see. In addition, the Turbidex media will improve water clarity, reducing the cloudiness or haziness caused by turbidity that typical sediment filters will not address.

Common media amounts used based on tank size given below:

  • 8"x44" Tank - 0.5 cubic foot
  • 9"x48" Tank - 1 cubic foot
  • 10"x54" Tank - 1.5 cubic feet
  • 12"x48" Tank - 2 cubic feet
  • 13"x54" Tank - 3 cubic feet


Turbidex is a registered trademark of Hydro-Source Systems, LLC.
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