Pyrolox Media - 0.5 cu ft

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Product Features

0.5 cubic foot Pyrolox

For removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), and manganese

Removes up to 10 ppm iron

Causes red/orange staining with levels as low as 0.3 ppm. Treats both ferrous (clear water or dissolved) and ferric (red water or oxidized) iron.

Removes up to 4 ppm hydrogen sulfide

The cause of rotten egg odor. Incorrectly referred to as sulfur most of the time.

Removes up to 3 ppm Manganese

Can cause black slime buildup in toilet tanks and may impart a metallic taste to the water

5 GPM/ft2 Service Flow

Pyrolox is rated for 5 GPM service flow per SQUARE foot of tank area

Min. 25 GPM/ft2 Backwash Flow

Pyrolox requires 25-30 GPM per SQUARE foot of tank area for backwashing

Product Description

Pyrolox is a granular water filtration media used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. A naturally mined ore, Pyrolox has been used in water treatment for more than 75 years. Through a natural chemical reaction, Pyrolox has the ability to help produce clean, high-quality water. Pyrolox filter media works by oxidizing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in problem water. Trapped particulate is then removed from the media bed during the backwash cycle. To maintain and further augment the long-term performance and removal capacity of the media, an oxidant feed of some type is recommended. This will maintain the media and enhance removal capacity. Chlorine injection (options include chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, or calcium hypochlorite) immediately up stream of the filter feed is a simple way to meet this recommendation. Other acceptable oxidants include air injection, potassium permanganate, sodium permanganate, etc. Hydrogen peroxide is specifically prohibited for use as an oxident. It is important that Pyrolox media is backwashed properly to ensure adequate bed expansion and continued service life. It is recommended that Pyrolox be installed with an underbed and be backwashed daily.

8"x44" Tank - 0.5 cubic foot

9"x48" Tank - 1 cubic foot

10"x54" Tank - 1.5 cubic feet

12"x48" Tank - 2 cubic feet

13"x54" Tank - 3 cubic feet

More Info

Operation Conditions   Physical Properties
Active Ingredient Pyrolox Color black
Service Flow 5 GPM/ft² Physical Form Granular
Freeboard 40% (minimum) Screen Size 20 x 40
Backwash Rate 25-30 GPM/ft² @ 60°F Bulk Density 120 lb/cubic feet
Bed Depth 18" Minimum Odor & Taste none
pH Range 6.5 - 9.0 Standard Package 1/2 cubic feet bags (60 lb)
Removal Capacity Life Expectancy
Iron up to 10ppm Manufacturer: Essentially unlimited for low contaminant concentrations
Hydrogen Sulfide up to 4ppm Typical Results 4-5 years average dependant on contaminate levels, backwash flow rates, and backwash frequency
Manganese up to 4ppm    
Service Flows
Service flow rate is the manufacturers recommendation for maximum contaminant removal at a constant flow for media alone. Intermittent flow rate and/or lower contaminant levels MAY allow higher treatment flow rates.

Backwash Flow Rates
The backwash flow rate is the minimum rate that MUST be available to ensure proper backwashing and adequate media life. While lower flows can be used and MAY provide adequate results, media life may be significantly reduced.
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