Greensand Media - 0.5 cu ft

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Product Features

0.5 cubic foot Greensand

For removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), and manganese

Removes up to 15 ppm iron

Causes red/orange staining with levels as low as 0.3 ppm. Treats both ferrous (clear water or dissolved) and ferric (red water or oxidized) iron.

Removes up to 15 ppm Manganese

Can cause black slime buildup in toilet tanks and may impart a metallic taste to the water

Removes up to 5 ppm hydrogen sulfide

The cause of rotten egg odor. Incorrectly referred to as sulfur most of the time.

3-10 GPM/ft² Service Flow

Greensand is rated for 3-10 GPM service flow per square foot of tank area

Min. 10 GPM/ft² Backwash Flow

Greensand requires 12-15 GPM per SQUARE foot of tank area for backwashing

Product Description

Greensand provides excellent removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese in most applications. Chemical regenerant ensures maximum oxidation of contaminates for the best results. Amount of media needed can be determined by tank size.

8"x44" Tank - 0.5 cubic foot

9"x48" Tank - 1 cubic foot

10"x54" Tank - 1.5 cubic feet

12"x48" Tank - 2 cubic feet

13"x54" Tank - 3 cubic feet

More Info

Operation Conditions Physical Properties
pH Range 6.2 - 8.5 Color black
Service Flow 3-10 GPM/ft² Physical Form Granular
Freeboard 50%(min) Mesh Size 16-60
Backwash Rate 10-12 GPM/ft² Bulk Density 85 lb/cubic feet
Bed Depth 30" Specific Gravity 2.4-2.9
Removal Capacity Standard Package 1/2 cubic feet bags (43 lb)
Iron up to 15ppm Life Expectancy
Manganese up to 15ppm Typical Results 4-5 years average dependant on contaminate levels, backwash flow rates, and backwash frequency
Hydrogen Sulfide up to 5ppm &nbsp
Service Flows
Service flow rate is the manufacturers recommendation for maximum contaminate removal at a constant flow for media alone. Intermittent flow rate and/or lower contaminate levels MAY allow higher treatment flow rates.

Backwash Flow Rates
The backwash flow rate is the minimum rate that MUST be available to ensure proper backwashing and adequate media life. While lower flows can be used and MAY provide adequate results, media life may be significantly reduced.
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3 Reviews

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    Greensand shipping

    Posted by Don Watts on Jan 30 2024

    Received media and filter garnet. One bag of Greensand was slightly open in the box and leaked out of the box. (Had a slight trail of media from the delivery truck to my door steps.) When the media was installed in the filter, it was about one inch lower than the previous media level. Oh well. AFW- we apologize for the experience, usually they arrive ok, but due to the weight of the box, they can get roughed up in transit. However, these do ship insured, you can always contact us with pictures so we can file a shipping claim and get some replacement out for you.

  • 5

    Posted by cuneyd on Sep 26 2020

    i am really happy with my purchase it took away the smell in my water

  • 5
    1.0 Greensand in a whole house filter

    Posted by Vernon C Uhlinger Jr on Mar 24 2020

    Green sand works really on taking out the iron in well water.

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