Nitrate/Nitrite Filter 2 Cu Ft All Nitrate Resin with Fleck 5600SXT

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Digital Nitrate/Nitrite ONLY Filter
All nitrate/nitrite selective resin - 2 cubic feet

  • Digital 5600SXT metered valve
  • Maximum 79,200 ppm nitrate/nitrate capacity
  • Nitrate/nitrite selective resin (strong base anion) - 2.0 cubic foot
  • On-demand (metered) regeneration
  • 12-inch x 48-inch resin tank
  • Standard square brine tank
  • Treats up to 12GPM
  • Manufacturer warranty - Control Head/5 year - Tank/10 year

For homes with high nitrate levels, homes with soft water, or homes with existing softeners, the all nitrate/nitrite resin system provides excellent treatment of nitrates and nitrites in the water. The large system is capable of treating most nitrate/nitrite levels in larger homes.

Complete system includes all the required system components, you just have to get standard plumbing parts to connect the system to your water lines and salt for the brine tank.

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