10-inch Bone Char Carbon Filter - Reduces or Removes Fluoride, Arsenic, Radioactive Particles, and Toxic Metals

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Product Features

Bone Char Carbon

The bone char carbon filter reduces or removes fluoride, arsenic, radioactive isotopes, iron, lead, mercury, aluminum, silver, bromine, manganese, and more. Plus, it removes chemicals, tastes & odors, chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, MTBE, and THM better than standard carbon.

2.5" x 10"

Filter measures 10-inch long and 2.5-inch in diameter.

Standard Size

Fits in all standard 10" filter housings.

Product Description

The 10" Bone Char carbon filter can be used to replace a current filter or upgrade from the standard carbon block filter. Along with normal carbon filtration qualities, bone char carbon also reduces or removes nucleotides, fluordie, arsenic, heavy metals, and more. The filter measures 2.5-inch in diameter and 10-inch long and fits all standard 10-inch filter housings.

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