20-inch Single Canister Big Blue Catalytic Carbon/KDF-85 Iron & Sulfur Whole House Filter

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Product Features

Complete System

Mounting Bracket
Housing with 1" In/Out
Housing Wrench
GAC/KDF-85 Filter

Standard-flow System

Designed for homes with 2-4 bathrooms

20" Big Blue Filter

4.5" diameter Big Blue filters outperform standard 2.5" filters

Catalytic Carbon/KDF-85

Catalytic carbon filter removes a wide range of tastes, odors and chemicals, including chlorine, herbicides, & pesticides, AND hydrogen sulfide. The KDF-85 removes iron and hydrogen sulfide, which is commonly referred to as sulfur and has a rotten egg smell.

1" Connection

Large NPT connection for minimal flow restriction

Pressure Release

Provides simple pressure let off to reduce water spray when changing filters

DIY Installation

Simple in/out connection and installation instructions allow most home owners to install these systems on their own

Product Description

Simple single canister carbon filters is capable of removing chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, organics, MTBE, and THM. It also removes most other chemicals, tastes and odors, and is an excellent system for improving water quality.

Single stage system provides safer, cleaner water, without electricity or waste water. Complete system includes 1" NPT inlet/outlet filter housing with pressure relief valve, mounting bracket, filter, shut off valve, and filter housing wrench.

High Flow "Big Blue" Filter - Larger 4.5" diameter filter provide more surface area and fewer flow restrictions than standard sized filters, allowing for higher service flow rates.

DIY Installation - We provide detailed installation instructions that allow most homeowners to install this system themselves. All it takes is some basic plumbing skills and some common knowledge! If you don't feel confident installing it yourself most plumbers can install it in about 1-2 hours.

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