Light Commercial 400 GPD Reverse Osmosis (RO) System w/ 10 Gallon Pressure Tank

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Product Features

400 GPD

Produces a maximum of 400 gallons per day and is intended for light commercial and small whole house use. When sizing, ensure system is capable of twice the predicted usage for best performance and longevity.

2-Stage Pre-filtration

2.5" x 20" sediment and carbon prefilters protect the system components, especially the booster pump and membranes.

Carbon Post Filter

2.5" x 20" post filter polishes product water to ensure the purest, best tasting water.

Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump

High pressure booster pump provides optimum operating pressure for maximum membrane efficiency and water production.

Electronic Shutoff (ESO) Switch

The ESO switch connects to your incoming water line on your RO system and shuts off water to your system when your pump shuts off. This prevents unnecessary waste water from being produced.

Tank Shutoff (TSO) Switch

The TSO switch connects to your water line on your RO system and shuts off the pump when the ESO turns off. This prevents your pump from running unnecessarily.

RO Pressure Gauge

Provides at a glance monitoring of membrane pressure, helping to indicate when prefilters need replaced.

Powder Coated Bracket & Stand

Provides a high quality, light weight bracket and frame for ease in placing the system. The system can be wall-mounted or used as a free-standing system.

Quick-Connect Fittings

Quick connect fittings make system maintenance quick and simple.

10 Gallon Pressure Tank

Includes a 10 gallon steel pressure tank to allow for ample water use without the system turning on.

Inline TDS Meter (Optional)

Add the optional inline TDS meter so that you always know what the TDS is of your product water with the touch of a single button. Add the inline TDS meter under the "Options" tab above.

Product Description

The light commercial RO systems provide purified water in a variety of sizes for any need, from lab purposes to small home purification. High quality construction ensures long lasting operation and low replacement costs. Reverse osmosis is also the key to eliminating high sodium and/or TDS levels in the water. Typical filtration is unable to remove these troublesome water problems, but the light commercial systems are capable of reducing sodium and TDS levels by up to 95%! That makes these systems ideal for homes where sodium intake is closely monitored, or homes with excessive TDS levels. For peak performance we recommend sizing the system to be capable of what producing twice your estimated daily need for purified water. For example, if you need 150 gallons of pure water per day, you should use a system capable of producing at least 300 gallons per day. Depending on contaminants, actual daily production could vary.

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