20-inch Big Blue 3 Stage Filter Kit with CatCarb/KDF 85, Activated Alumina, and Sediment Filters

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Product Features

20" BB Sediment Filter

The 5 micron sediment filter is a 100% polypropylene filter containing graded density that provides higher dirt holding capacity than standard spun polypropylene and string wound cartridges.

20" BB CatCarb/KDF 85

The CatCarb/KDF 85 filter contains 2.0 lbs. of KDF 85 media, along with catalytic carbon, for whole house removal of chlorine, chloramines, tastes & odors, iron, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

20" BB Arsenic Filter

The arsenic filter removes arsenic +3 AND+5 equally well with no chemicals

System Upgrade

This filter set can be used as an upgrade to your current 20" big blue system.

Common Size Filters

Fits Big Blue 20" filter housings. The approximate dimensions are 4.5" x 20".

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Margaret Pappas on Apr 23 2020

    Thank you for great customer service and fast shipping.

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    Too much pressure loss for a whole house system

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 9 2015

    ** Note from AFW: The blend of activated alumina we use has now changed and the flow is normal through these filters as you will see with future orders** These filters do what they claim (at least the sediment and GAC85, I haven't had my water tested for flourine since I installed the system) but they drop the water pressure so much that a flushed toilet or running shower (even with a low flow head) results in little more than a trickle from any other faucet in the house. The issue seems to be mostly caused by the alumina filter which has led me to separate my 3 stage system into a 2+1 arrangement with the alumina filter only feeding my kitchen water supply for drinking water purposes. Since installing my system I have replaced all three filters twice. The initial set worked fine but both replacement sets have had problems with the alumina filter. If you plan on using all three filters, plan on either losing a lot of pressure or reworking your plumbing to separate the alumina filter so it only feeds specific locations rather than the whole house.

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