Portable RO Mikro Epsilon Filter Kit

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  • Portable RO Mikro Epsilon Filter Kit
  • Portable RO Mikro Epsilon Filter Kit


Product Features

Inline GAC Filter

Inline GAC filter removes sediment, chlorine, and chemicals from incoming water and has 1/4" quick-connect fittings.

Inline Calcite pH Filter

Inline Calcite pH filter adds beneficial minerals back into water removed during the RO process and neutralizes the pH.

Standard Size Inline Filters

Both filters are 10" long and have 1/4" quick-connect fittings.


Product Description

This filter set is designed for the Mikro Epsilon portable RO system. The inline filters work with most reverse osmosis systems available as well, and includes an inline GAC filter and an inline Calcite pH filter, both with 1/4" quick-connect fittings. Reverse osmosis systems require regular filter changes to protect the membrane and ensure clean water. Problems relating to decreased performance and constant drain water may also be solved by replacing your filters. Filters should be replaced at least once a year, every 6 months is average for most homes.

Does not include the RO membrane.

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