Big Blue 20-inch GAC/5# KDF 55 Filter

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Product Features


Granular activated carbon for removal of chloramines, tastes, odors, and chemicals

KDF 55

KDF 55 media removes numerous heavy metals, including lead, mercury and iron and aids in the removal of other contaminants.

5 pounds KDF55

Higher KDF amount for tougher problems

Big Blue 20"

Filter measures 20-inch long and 4.5-inch in diameter.

Standard Big Blue Size

Fits in all standard 20" Big Blue filter housings.

Product Description

Replacement GAC/KDF 55 filter fits standard 20" Big Blue filter housings. The is a great upgrade to standard GAC filters or carbon block filters. Used in conjunction with a sediment filter and/or carbon block filter, the system will provide a wide range of treatment. Typical life expectancy varies greatly depending on water parameters and usage. Recommended replacement is at least once a year, with every six months typical.

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