Fleck 2510 Timer Mechanical Filter Control Head

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Product Features

Fleck 2510

#1 Manufacturer of control heads in the US

For Filter Systems

Timer control with 12-day clock


12-day clock for increased setting options

Stronger Backwash

Higher backwash flow capacity ideal for larger and/or denser filter media

Dual Motor

Two independent motors eliminate additional gears


Simple, gear driven settings and operation

5-Year Warranty

Ensures a long lasting valve

Product Description

For filter systems - DO NOT USE for water softeners

Replace your old, worn out, or non-functioning control valve with a new timer control valve made by Fleck, the #1 manufacturer of control heads in the U.S.

The Fleck 2510 provides high flow water treatment while offering stonger backwash capabilities than the common 5600 valves. This is ideal for larger homes with higher flow rates or when used on systems with denser media requiring stonger backwash flows, such as iron filters. It also utilizes a dual motor design, with a small motor used for timer functions and a more powerful motor for moving the piston. This reduces gear requirements, cutting down on parts and improving performance.

Timer control regenerates based on a 12-day time clock, allowing you to set regeneration as frequently as every day and as infrequently as every 12 days, and any combination between. This is ideal for filter tank systems that need regular backwashing to prevent media fouling and flow restriction.

Simple, time tested design uses a piston to control water flow. This allows for reliable performance and reduces maintenance cost and time.

Quick connecting bypass or yoke connections make it easy to disconnect the system from your plumbing should the need arise. NOTE: This head REQUIRES a Fleck yoke or bypass valave, if you do not have one you will need to add one in the order options above

Complete service manual included with basic installation, service, and maintenance instructions as well as parts diagrams

5-year manufacturers warranty ensures against defects and provides quality assurance.

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