Upper Basket for Fleck 7000 Control Valves (Bayonet-Style Twist-On) - Fits 32mm Distributor Tubes (Fleck Part# 40697-02)

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Product Features

Upper Basket

Upper basket installs on the bottom of Fleck 7000 control valves to help prevent media getting pushed into plumbing due to pressure bursts and incorrect plumbing

32mm Diameter

Fits the large diamter distributor tube used with most Fleck 7000 control valves

Twist-On Style

The twist-on basket has tabs that lock into place when the basket is inserted and twisted. They are sometimes referred to as bayonet style baskets. Some older baskets only pushed in and don't have the tabs that allow it to be twisted and locked into place.

Product Description

The Top Distributor Basket is a bayonet-style twist-on basket for Fleck 7000 control valve that fits the larger 32mm distributor tube. This top distributor basket is designed to prevent any of the media from exiting your mineral tank.

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