Softening Resin (High Capacity) - 1 cu ft

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1 cubic foot High Capacity Resin

For treatment of hard water

Product Description

Standard softener resin used in most water softening systems. Amount of resin needed can be determined by tank size and/or capacity of the system

9"x48" Tank - 1 cubic foot - 32,000 grain

10"x54" Tank - 1.5 cubic feet - 48,000 grain

12"x48" Tank - 2 cubic feet - 64,000 grain

13"x54" Tank - 3 cubic feet - 96,000 grain

This is a high-capacity, bead-form, conventional gel polystyrene sulfonate cation exchange resin ready for use in household or industrial water conditioning equipment. It removes hardness ions, e.g. calcium and magnesium, replacing them with sodium ions. When the resin bed is exhausted so that the hardness ions begin to break through in the effluent, capacity is restored by regeneration with common salt. NOTE: The capacity obtained depends largely on the amount of salt used in the regeneration.

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    Clean Water!

    Posted by Tommy Snead on May 2 2018

    This was a replacement for the resin I used when my system was installed n 2008. After replacement, my water is once again free from iron

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