Filmtec 75 GPD RO Membrane

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Product Features


The most trusted brand in reverse osmosis membranes

Replaces MTFC75

Identical product, updated part number


Thin film composite - superior rejection and flow rates, bacteria resistant

75 GPD

75 gallons per day - production rate under ideal conditions

95-97% Rejection

Removes 95-97% of total contaminates - see more info tab for detailed rejection rates

Standard Size

Industry standard size fits most reverse osmosis systems - Approximate dimensions 11-3/4"L x 1-3/4"D

Product Description

Replacement RO membrane fits most common reverse osmosis systems. High quality Filmtec membrane is the industry standard for high quality water filtration and provides high purity water. Typical membrane life is 2-4 years, with recommended replacement of at least every 4 years suggested.

More Info

Typical TFC Membrane Rejections Rates
Aluminum 96-98% Ammonium 80-90%
Arsenic 50-90% Bacteria 95-99%
Borate 30-50% Boron 50-70%
Bromide 90-95% Cadmium 93-97%
Calcium 93-99% Chloride 92-98%
Chromate 85-95% Copper 96-99%
Cyanide 90-97% Fluoride 92-95%
Hardness (as CaCO3) 93-97% Iron 96-98%
Lead 95-98% Magnesium 93-98%
Manganese 96-98% Mercury 94-97%
Nickel 96-99% Nitrate 90-95%
Orthophosphate 96-98% Phosphate 95-98%
Polyphosphate 96-98% Potassium 92-96%
Radioactivity 93-97% Silica 90-98%
Silicate 92-95% Silver 93-96%
Sodium 92-98% Sulfate 96-99%
Thiosulfate 96-98% Zinc 96-98%
*Rejection rates vary depending on many conditions. This chart is for reference only, and is not intended as a guaranteed analysis of water produced by any system purchased from Abundant Flow Water. Abundant Flow Water is not liable for any damages or losses caused by misapplication or misinterpretation of any information presented in the above chart, or for any damages or loses directly or indirectly related to the information given.
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2 Reviews

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    Using much more RO water since COVID

    Posted by Mason Braun on Nov 11 2020

    Since I’ve been working from home since March my family has been using much more RO water. Our system started slowing down after a few months of using, probably 15 gallons of RO water daily for several months. This new membrane, along with a set of new filters, kept the RO flowing.

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    Good flow

    Posted by Jeff Lewis on Sep 8 2016

    Bought this as a replacement for a 50 gpd membrane. Works great. Along with the res of the filters in my portable R/O unit, this gets my water to 0 PPM. I grow carnivorous plants and orchids, and they really need pure water. They are thriving.

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