Soda Ash Injection System for Acidic Water - Includes Stenner 85MHP17 Injection Pump & 15 Gal. Solution Tank

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Product Features

Soda Ash Injection

Soda ash injection systems work great at even the lowest pH levels, have no waste water, and don't increase the hardness of your water.

Stenner 85MHP17

Adjustable Stenner 85MHP17 chemical injection pump is self priming up to 25 feet, won't vapor lock or lose prime, is easy to connect with the included installation kit, and comes with 110V power supply. The pump can connect diretly to your well pump switch to come on and off in tandem with your well pump. Includes 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.

Soda Ash

Soda ash is a sodium carbonate powder that dissolves easily in water and aggressively corrects very low, acidic pH levels. The 50 lb. bag typically lasts 1-2 years for most households.

15 Gallon Solution Tank

The 15 gallon solution tank is a natural translucent white color and has a large opening at the top for adding water and soda ash. The solution typically lasts 2-3 months before needing before needing filled again.

Product Description

The complete soda ash injection system includes a 50 lb. bag of soda ash, the Stenner 85MHP17 adjustable pump, and a 15 gallon solution tank. Great for very acidic water with very low pH levels and won't increase water hardness.

Please note: Wells with variable speed pumps will need the proportional injection system for consistent dosing.

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Typical installation:

For simple installation of these type of pumps, it will be powered by your water well power supply. This way it only turns on and pumps into your water line when your well pump is on.  To connect to well power supply, you will install an outlet box close to well pressure tank and injection pump installation location. You will run wire from your well pressure switch to the outlet so the outlet is only on when your well pump kicks on.  Then you plug the injection pump directly into that outlet.  Make sure to choose 120v or 220v depending on your power supply available to connect to.

Order of installation would be, well pressure tank, injection pump injecting into your water line, you can inject before or after the well pressure tank. Then after the injection pump and after your well pressure tank, you will want to use a mixing or retention tank to give you the proper contact time of chemical and your water. From the retention tank, you will then go into any backwashing filters you have, or carbon filters to remove excess chemical.


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3 Reviews

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    Stenner 85mhp17 injection pump and 15 gallon tank

    Posted by Robert MacIntosh on Aug 24 2020

    It was delivered quickly. My well water was at a Ph of 4. With a little trial and error I was able to get the solution mix strength to raise my Ph to 7.4. It’s flirted with 7.8 when I run the hose to fill my pool. With as low of a Ph that I had having to use caustic soda was on the table I was hoping to stay away from that though. I believe I’m at the upper limits of Ph adjustment with this set up using soda ash. I would agree with the one review that the electrical hook up could have some more directions. However my water feels and smells great. It’s only been 2 days for me so that’s the only reason I gave 4 stars. I hope to be able to come back in a couple months and give it 5 stars. I called and spoke with the staff before I ordered and they were helpful. I would recommend this site and the products.

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    soda ash injection system

    Posted by Rick on Aug 25 2018

    Great product and a great honest company. I would suggest that you come up with a sizing program to assist customers in dosing and flow calculations. Easy to do in XL. I could have actually used a larger injection pump because my water flows were higher than the norm but instead I throttled back the flow from the well. It all works very well and am very happy with end result.

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    Works great, but wiring can be tricky

    Posted by Diggity on Jan 7 2016

    Works great, but wiring can be tricky

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