Aquatec ERP 1000 Permeate Pump

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Product Features

Aquatec ERP 1000

The most popular permeate pump on the market and designed to be used with systems rated at 100 GPD or less

Reduces Waste

Reduces back pressure from the tank, maximizing system efficiency and water purity


Hydraulically powered, uses the pressure created from the waste water, eliminating the need for electricity

Great for Borderline Pressure

Provides dramatic improvement on homes with 35-45 psi, and marked improvement in any situation

Product Description

Non-electric pump improves system performance, decreases waste water, and increases tank storage capacity

Reverse osmosis requires a minimum of 40 psi to function correctly, and a pressure of 60-80 psi is ideal for best performance. Typically electric booster pumps are the solution, but the non-electric permeate pump provides a low cost alternative for borderline pressure (35 psi) and increases efficiency, even with higher incoming pressure.

By using hydraulic pressure generated by the waste water, this system relieves back pressure from the tank, reducing the amount of waste water produced.

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