1 cuft Filox 10 Replacement Tank - 9x48 Tank with 1 cuft Filox

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  • Partially loaded 9-inch x 48-inch tank for easy replacement
  • Filox media used in 1cuft Filox 10 systems
  • Includes tank, gravel, 1 cu ft Filox/Mangox media, riser with stacked distributor basket

A new resin tank makes changing your media simple without having to clean out your old tank. Includes 1 cu ft of Filox/Mangox media. Tank is approximately 9 inches in diameter and 48 inches tall with standard 2.5"-8 NPSM opening. Includes 1-inch riser tube with stacked distributor basket. Ships with riser, gravel, and 1/2 cu ft in the tank, with 1/2 cu ft shipped separately due to weight restrictions.

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