Mikro Delta 4-Stage Portable RO System PLUS DI with 75 GPD Membrane (Former Psi system)

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Product Features

Complete System

Includes pre-assembled system with bracket, filters, flow restrictor, quick-connect SNAP adapter, color coded tubing, and installation/maintenance manual.

NSF Certified Components

All components, including the filters and membrane, are NSF certified for the highest quality system.

4-stage Filtration

Stage 1 - Inline sediment filter removes particulates, sand, and sediment
Stage 2 - Inline GAC filter removes tastes, odors, and chemicals to help purify water and prolong membrane life
Stage 3 - 75 GPD high silicate removal thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane, purifies the water removing 96-98% of contaminants
Stage 4 - Mixed Bed Inline De-ionization filter - removes remaining contaminants, providing 99.9% effective contaminant removal

2 Connection Options

Your choice of connection options for quick and easy setup
Garden Hose Connector - Simple connector fits standard garden hose thread
Diverter Valve - Connection to most standard faucets with valve to direct water to system

Easy Installation

Color coded tubing and detailed installation instructions make installation simple!

Capillary Flow Restrictor

Regulates waste water, providing proper pressure against the membrane to ensure high efficiency.

High Quality Standard Size Inline Filters

High quality NSF certified inline filters in standard 10-inch size with quick-connect fittings for easy filter changes. (See additional options for purchasing additional filter sets)

75 GPD TFC Membrane

We use high quality TFC membranes in our RO system for consistently pure water.


Product Description

Paying for distilled water can get expensive, not to mention the hassle of transporting it or running out. If you own a Reef aquarium or use ultra pure water for any other reason, this system will save you time and money by allowing you to make distilled quality water when you need it!

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane removes 95-97% of water contaminants, providing high quality water and doing most of the purification. The DI (de-ionization) filter removes 99% of contaminants, and when coupled with RO, provides 99.9% effective contaminant removal. Since the membrane provides long lasting purification, and the DI filter provides high purity filtration, coupling the two treatment processes together allows for lower filter cost than DI only systems and higher purification that RO only systems

This 4 stage aquarium and drinking water system is designed for those who want high quality water in a compact only measures 14"x6"x6". Featuring four stages of filtration, this system is ideal for apartments, cabins, campers, and people on the go. This system can be taken anywhere that you need pure water and can be used on the go. The system can deliver up to 75 gallons for pure water a day...or 3 gallons per hour. The Reverse Osmosis membrane lasts an average of 2 to 4 years and the sediment, carbon, and DI filters should be changed at least once a year. The unit comes complete with an in-line sediment filter, in-line carbon filter, a 75 GPD TFC (Thin Film Composite) RO membrane, in-line DI filter, flushing flow restrictor, and garden hose adapter. Also included are 5 feet of each color tubing (red for supply water, yellow for waste water, and blue clean water...15 total feet of tubing), and instructions. System utilizes quick connect fittings to make replacing filters quick and simple.

Our systems are quality made in the USA using NSF certified components, so high quality is assured. Top that off with a 1 year warranty and you get one of the best systems available! Plus we offer phone and email support to answer any questions you may have, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

More Info

Replacement Filter Set - PFK-Delta

Typical TFC Membrane Rejections Rates
Contaminant%Rejection* Contaminant%Rejection*
Aluminum 96-98%   Ammonium 80-90%
Arsenic 50-90% Bacteria 95-99%
Borate 30-50% Boron 50-70%
Bromide 96-98% Cadmium 93-97%
Calcium 93-99% Chloride 92-98%
Chromate 85-95% Copper 96-99%
Cyanide 90-97% Fluoride 92-95%
Hardness (as CaCO3) 93-97% Iron 96-98%
Lead 95-98% Magnesium 93-98%
Manganese 96-98% Mercury 94-97%
Nickel 96-99% Nitrate 96-98%
Orthophosphate 96-98% Phosphate 95-98%
Polyphosphate 96-98% Potassium 92-96%
Radioactivity 93-97% Silica 90-98%
Silicate 92-95% Silver 93-96%
Sodium 92-98% Sulfate 96-99%
Thiosulfate 96-98% Zinc 96-98%
*Rejection rates vary depending on many conditions. This chart is for reference only, and is not intended as a guaranteed analysis of water produced by any system purchased from Abundant Flow Water. Abundant Flow Water is not liable for any damages or losses caused by misapplication or misinterpretation of any information presented in the above chart, or for any damages or loses directly or indirectly related to the information given.
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1 Review

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    Excellent product

    Easy to set up and use. Using a TDS meter, water entering the system measured at 145ppm and 000ppm leaving the system - could not wish for more. After a year of bi - weekly use for my 125g ,the TDS had crept up to 013ppm at which time I replace the filters, which takes all of 5 minutes - this is by far the best portable unit out there

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