ScaleMaster HardWater Wizard RW10 Electronic Water Conditioner - 1-inch Pipe

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Product Features

Treats High Hardness

Treats water with up to 40 grains of hardness

Fits Up to 1" Pipes

ScaleMaster HardWater Wizard® RW10 system will fit the plumbing of most homes, which typically have 3/4" or 1" pipes. For larger plumbing, see the Hard Water Wizard 15.

No Salt or Chemicals

System does not require any salts, chemicals, or backwashes for effective use

No Plumbing Skills Needed

System can be installed without any plumbing experience or special skills. It does not require any cutting, gluing, or sweating of pipes.

No Electrical Experience Needed

Wrap the signal cable around the pipe as instructed, connect to the signal box, and plug signal box into 110V outlet. LED light indicates system is on and it only uses 10 watts of power

Virtually Maintenance Free

Once installed, there are no periodic adjustments that need made or settings that need changed. Plus, there are no salts, medias, or resins that need to be replenished or replaced.

Removes and Prevents Scale

Keeps hard water scale from forming and removes existing scale in 90 days. Water feels smoother, fixtures flow freely without be clogged by scale, and appliances work more efficiently and last longer

Product Description

ScaleMaster HardWater Wizard® electronic water conditioners produce an oscillating electric field in the water pipe that changes continuously in frequency and direction. This changes the property of the hardness minerals so they stay in the water and don't form scale in pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

The signal cable wraps externally around the pipe and produces a square waver alternating at 1000 to 20,000 cycles/second. The complex modulated signal field at the variable frequency induces an electrical field in the pipe that alters the hard water ions and increases their solubility. This allows the conditioned water to also absorb more hardness ions, which dissolves existing scale throughout your plumbing.

ScaleMaster HardWater Wizard® electronic water conditioner uses similar technology to that of the EasyWater® water softener alternative. EasyWater® is a registered trademark of Freije Treatment Systems.

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