PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit

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Product Features

Tests for Bacteria

Test will indicate the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria. Bacteria are typically odorless, colorless, and tasteless and can be resposible for numerous health problems.

Nitrates & Nitrites

These contaminants can cause blue baby syndrome and are usually the result of contamination by fertilizers or human and/or animal waste

Test at Home

Detailed instructions, a results chart, and testing vial allow you test test the water in your own home in a matter of minutes rather then paying a lab much more to do it in a couple weeks!

Product Description

There are numerous contaminants in water that can be harmful to your health and/or your home's plumbing, fixtures, and applicances. The Bactria Test Kit provides a reliable, convenient way to check your water supply for bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites. The EPA-based laboratory-certified kit allows you to screen for E. coli and coliform bacterias.

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