Trojan UVMax 650733R-002 UV Power Supply Kit for UVMax B4, B4-V, C4, C4-V, D4, D4-V and IHS12/22-D4 Systems (Replaces 650713-007 and 650713-006)

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Product Features

Trojan UVMax B4, B4-V, C4, C4-V, D4, D4-V and IHS12/22-D4

This is the power supply for the Trojan B4, B4-V, C4, C4-V, D4, D4-V and IHS12/22-D4 systems.

Consolidated Part Number

Single part number replaces 650713-007, 650713-006, 650713-008, 650713-001, 650713-002, 650713-003, 650713-004.

110-240V Operation

The power supply plugs into a wall outlet and acts as a transformer - taking the native voltage and amperage and converting it to the proper voltage and amperage for the UV lamp.


Multiple Indicators

Power supply has a lamp replacement reminder and indicator light showing the status of the system components.

Mute Button

Mute button for silencing warning sounds.

Reset Button

Lamp timer reset button to easily reset lamp timer each time you change the lamp.

Digital Readout

Digital display provides valuable information to the UV system operator in the way of a digital readout, making it easy for you to determine UV purification levels and the need to replace the controller again.

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