32k Cabinet Water Softener with Fleck 5600SXT

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  • 32k Cabinet Water Softener with Fleck 5600SXT
  • 32k Cabinet Water Softener with Fleck 5600SXT


  • Standard high capacity 8% crosslink resin for low cost softening
  • Choice of tank color and connection size
  • Complete system with brine tank cabinet with internal resin tank, high capacity resin, Fleck 5600SXT Digital Metered Valve, and bypass
  • One cubic foot system for small homes with low hardness, max capacity 32,000 grains (32k)
  • Service flow: 5 GPM
  • Peak flow: 7.5 GPM
  • Flow required for backwash: 2.7 GPM

Space saving cabinet style water softener puts the resin tank inside of the brine tank cabinet for a more aesthetically pleasing, space saving system. Meter based on-demand regeneration with the Fleck 5600SXT offers efficient regeneration based on your water use. Includes your choice of connection. Standard plastic connection is low cost with two part bypass and yoke. Upgrade to stainless steel for a single piece bypass for tighter spaces. Match the size to your plumbing for simpler installation.

Total size is approximately 14" x 21" x 45". Standard resin is high capacity 8% crosslink, system comes with 1 cubic foot of resin capable of removing a maximum of 32,000 grains (32k) of hardness between regenerations (actual capacity dependent on system settings and water chemistry).

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