Iron Pro Plus ( Iron Pro 3 ) 64k Fine Mesh Water Softener PLUS KDF85 with Fleck 5600SXT, Pentair tank

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  • Iron Pro Plus ( Iron Pro 3 ) 64k Fine Mesh Water Softener PLUS KDF85 with Fleck 5600SXT, Pentair tank
  • Iron Pro Plus ( Iron Pro 3 ) 64k Fine Mesh Water Softener PLUS KDF85 with Fleck 5600SXT, Pentair tank
  • Iron Pro Plus ( Iron Pro 3 ) 64k Fine Mesh Water Softener PLUS KDF85 with Fleck 5600SXT, Pentair tank
  • Plastic 3/4" MNPT
  • Plastic 1" MNPT
  • SS 3/4" FNPT
  • SS 1" FNPT
  • Tank Color - Black
  • Tank Color - Almond
  • Tank Color - Blue


Product Features

Complete System

12-inch resin tank
Riser tube with distributor basket
2 cubic feet fine mesh resin
10 lb KDF85
Fleck 5600SXT Digital Metered Control Head
Choice of connection
Larger Round Brine Tank with Safety Float


Flow meter measures water and regenerates based on water use, not time, conserving salt and water

64k (64,000) grain capacity

Contains 2 cubic feet of fine resin capable of removing up to 64,000 grains of compensated hardness (hardness factoring in iron and manganese) between regeneration cycles

KDF85 Media

Designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), chlorine, and a wide range of heavy metals, chlorine

Fine Mesh Resin

Specifically designed for treatment of both ferrous (red water) and ferric (clear water) iron, up to a maximum of 8 ppm

16 GPM Service Flow

Treats a maximum flow rate of 16 gallons per minute

Removes Water Hardness

Ion exchange process physically removes the ions that cause hard water

Removes Iron & Manganese

Specially designed resin traps iron and manganense as well as the hardness

Treats Hydrogen Sulfide

KDF85 treats low levels of hydrogen sulfide, the cause of rotten egg odor in water

Eliminates Scale

Water that has been softened does not form scale buildup on faucets or fixtures or inside pipes

Reduces Soap Use

Soft water improves soap efficiency, reducing the amount required for dishes, laundry, and bathing.

Fleck 5600SXT Control Head

Maximum efficiency with simple LCD display and touchpad controls for user friendly control

Structural USA Resin Tank

Durable, high quality polyglass tank made by a trusted name in tank manufacturing

Larger Round Brine Tank

Used for holding salt used during the regeneration process. Measures approximately 18-inchx33-inch and holds approximately 300 lbs of salt

DIY Installation

Simple system connections and detailed installation instructions allow most homeowners to install this system themselves. For those who prefer to leave the work to a professional, most plumbers can install the system in 1-2 hours.


Product Description

Hard water causes a multitude of problems. Scale build-up restricts pipes, builds up on fixtures, and can degrade appliances. Hard water spots are also common on dishes and many other surfaces. The ions that comprise hard water attract soap molecules, requiring more soap to get the job done. This also causes an increase in soap scum and can prevent the removal of dirt and bacteria when bathing. Hard water has also been know to cause hair and skin to be brittle and dry.

Iron causes rust buildup that causes appliances, fixtures, clothes, and even hair to turn a red-orange color. Manganese causes a black slime buildup, usually seen in toilet tanks and other areas where water is allowed to stand. Hydrogen sulfide (sulfur) is a common contaminant detectable by a noticable -inchrotten egg-inch odor

Water softeners use an ion-exchange process to remove the ions that create hard water, eliminating hard water and the problems associated with it. Standard softening resin will only remove a small amount of clear water (ferrous) iron only. Fine mesh resin improves that capacity to a moderate level (8 ppm or less) of both clear water and red water (ferric) iron. Adding KDF85 media allows it to treat hydrogen sulfide (sulfur) as well as chlorine and heavy metals

Controlled by the digital Fleck 5600SXT, efficiency and control come together in a user friendly interface. On demand regeneration keeps up with high demands and conserves water and salt when demand is low. This results in consistent treatment and higher efficiency. Backed by an outstanding 5-year warranty and built around the tried and true 5600 valve, these heads are sure to last for years to come.

The durable polyglass resin tank is manufactured by Structural USA and is backed by a 10 year warranty. The simple design allows for installation almost anywhere without being unsightly. NOTE: Tank color may vary from the one shown

This system comes complete with a brine tank that includes a float assembly for added reliability and peace of mind. Capable of holding up to 250 lb of salt, the large capacity of this brine tank requires infrequent addition of salt and reduces maintenance. NOTE: Color and design may vary from the system pictured

Simple connections and simple set up make this system great for DIYers. Detailed online installation instructions offer a step-by-step guide on proper installation and set up of the system on installation

Please Note: 12” tanks are shipped in either the 48” height or 52” height, depending on availability. If you have a specific requirement please add it to your notes when checking out and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Best Decision

    Posted by Debbie on Mar 24 2023

    Can't say enough great things about AFW: their product selection, customer service, and tech support that was provided via phone to guide me to the appropriate iron pro plus (3) softener to purchase based on water hardness and iron rate. The unit (with new brine tank) was shipped 1 day after ordering online and received 2 days later via UPS. The unit has been installed (in addition to having my neutralizer re-bedded), and I no longer have metallic odors from my faucets (kitchen, bath, shower). Thrilled to have good quality water again! Thank you, AFW!

  • 5
    Iron pro

    Posted by Troy on Nov 5 2021

    Fast shipping, easy to follow instructions to install your self with basic plumbing knowledge. No longer have a problem with hard/ iron water.

  • 5
    Removes Iron

    Posted by Gary on Apr 27 2021

    We had an iron and hard water problem with our well water. This system has been operating for about 3 weeks and the orange stains in our toilets are gone and you can feel the soft water. Install was easy. Filled the brine tank with Morton Salt pellets. I would suggest to find an alternative way to drain the backwash water, especially if you are on a septic system. We tied into our basement floor drainage that is gravity fed to a low spot on the property. Do not drain into a sump pump as the salt will ruin the pump motor.

  • 5
    Easy diy installation

    Posted by Juan on Aug 14 2019

    Easy diy installation. Installed 1 month ago and it seems to be doing its job properly

  • 5
    Iron Pro Plus

    Posted by David A Leker on May 6 2019

    Shipping was extremely fast and softener came preloaded with resin, which was nice. Easy installation with online directions. AFW customer service was helpful with two minor questions regarding the install. Unit works great. Time will tell if it is an improvement over traditional water softener on staining and hard water buildup on appliances. Seems to be doing a better job of removing sulfur smell from well water.

  • 5
    Works as advertised

    Posted by Matthew Walsh on Apr 22 2016

    We have had this up and running for about a month. Our previous crappy little water softener failed a while back. We chose to try and get by with hard water for about a year. Our water hardness was 25, when adjusted for iron, it was a 27. We also had smelly water, It wasn't "sulfur" it was due to another mineral. It also left black slimy stuff in the toilet tanks. This unit has removed the iron, which was staining the tubs and sinks, removed the smell, and of course made the water soft. Now we can use normal dishwasher detergent, and our glassware is sparkling clean, once again. Great product, easy to install. I got bids from Culligan, and Hague. I would have had to pay them at least $1500 more than what I paid for this unit.

  • 5

    Posted by Tony on Oct 29 2014

    We have only had this unit in place for a few weeks, but the water quality has been tremendous. Our water is now crystal clear and tastes great. We are on a well system with a sulfur issue. This was my first time installing (and putting together) a water softener. Other than a few trips to make sure all of the plumbing fit as it should, the installation and setup was relatively easy. I am very pleased and would recommend this unit to others.

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