Air Injection Platinum 20 System Iron & Sulfur Removal

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  • Air Injection Platinum 20 System Iron & Sulfur Removal
  • Air Injection Platinum 20 System Iron & Sulfur Removal
  • Plastic 3/4" MNPT
  • Plastic 1" MNPT
  • SS 3/4" FNPT
  • SS 1" FNPT


  • Salt and chemical free
  • Up to 20 ppm iron
  • Up to 15 ppm hydrogen sulfide
  • Up to 6 ppm manganese
  • 15 GPM recommended peak flow
  • 11.1 GPM minimum required for backwash
  • 13"x54" tank (overall height 62")
  • 2 cubic feet Filox (Mang-Ox) and gravel bedding
  • Air injection version of the 2510SXT control head with bypass
  • High flow system for treating large homes, high water use, outside water use

Air Injection Platinum systems remove the highest level of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (sulfur or rotten egg odor) without chemical injection. For more on our Air Injection systems click here.

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    iron filter

    Posted by al clement on Aug 14 2022

    way better than culligan

  • 5
    Air Injection 20 Platinum

    Posted by Brian Schepper on Aug 17 2020

    Had just an iron filter before with a water softener. Always had problems with the softener because the iron filter wasn't taking enough out. Now we have more water flow and almost perfectly clean well water.

  • 5
    No more sulfur smell!

    Posted by Dan on Jul 14 2017

    Wow. We have lived with the sulfur smell for 14 years. Installed and no more. Customer service is great too. Thank you!

  • 3
    Removes some iron and mangense

    Posted by Andrew Berlin on Nov 17 2014

    We installed this unit for our church and school with the green flow arsenic system to enhance it. The system claims to remove up to 27 ppm, it removes about a quarter to a third of that. The mangenese it only removes about half. Which makes it good for what we need it for. Reply from AFW: There are a lot of variables in the water chemistry that will affect the amount removed. Please contact us with a water report to ensure best results.

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