Digital AdEdge Arsenic 27 System Fleck 2510SXT

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Product Features

Complete System

13-inchx54-inch resin tank
Fleck 2510SXT digital Control Head
2.75 cubic feet AdEdge Bayoxide® E33
Choice of connection

High-Flow System

Designed for 3 bathrooms and 5-7 people and/or homes with flows matching system capacities

Removes 100+ ppb of Arsenic

Maximum level allowed by EPA is 10 ppb (.010 ppm). System can remove in excess of 100 ppb of arsenic with 99% effectiveness. However, various water parameters can lower the amount of arsenic the system is capable of removing, such as additional contaminants (iron, heavy metals, phosphates, and silica), water flow, and pH

As+5 AND As+3

Removes up to 99% of As+5 AND As+3 no matter the ratios

8 GPM Max Service Flow

Treats a maximum flow rate of 8 gallons per minute for maximum removal rate (95%-99%) and the maximum contaminant level (100+ ppb)

7 GPM Minimum Backwash Flow

Minimum backwash flowrate of 7 GPM for proper backwashing to prevent premature failure of media

Fleck 2510SXT Digital Control Head

The more durable and dependable 2510SXT has an LCD display and touchpad controls provide easy to use interface, shorter backwash times, and reduced waste water

AdEdge Bayoxide® E33 media

AdEdge Bayoxide® E33 media is an iron-based granular adsorption media that has 4 to 10 times the capacity of many adsorption medias

Media Disposal

Exhausted media is non-hazardous and can be disposed of with normal household waste.

DIY Installation

Simple system connections and detailed installation instructions allow most homeowners to install this system themselves. For those who prefer to leave the work to a professional, most plumbers can install the system in 1-2 hours.


Product Description

Arsenic is a known carcinogen, increasing the risk of cancer even at very low concentrations. Arsenic occurs naturally in many groundwaters throughout the USA, less commonly in surface waters. With the recent passage of new limits restricting arsenic levels in potable water, many public water supplies require arsenic reduction prior to use.

AdEdge Bayoxide® E33 media is an iron-based granular adsorption media that has 4 to 10 times the capacity of many adsorption medias. Plus, Bayoxide® E33 media removes up to 99% of both As+5 AND As+3 with no chlorination and no matter the ratios. It has become the premier product of choice for commercial drinking water treatment systems for reliable, cost-effective, proven reduction of arsenic.

Controlled by the Fleck 2510SXT control head, this system automatically backwashes. The backwash process uses no chemicals, simply using the force of water to clean the media and flush the contaminants down the drain. Made by Fleck, the #1 manufacturer of control heads in the US, the digital control head provides LCD display and touchpad controls, allowing for simple, user-friendly integration. The 2510 valve also offers dual drive motors, providing dedicated control for piston movement and system timing. This allows for stronger piston control, fewer parts (since there are no connecting gears required) and longer, more reliable operation.

More Info

Replacement Media:
- Qty Needed:1
- Qty Needed:20
Service Flows
Service flow rate is the manufacturers recommendation for maximum contaminant removal at a constant flow. Intermittent flow rate and/or lower contaminant levels MAY allow higher treatment flow rates.

Backwash Flow Rates
The backwash flow rate is the minimum rate that MUST be available to ensure proper backwashing and adequate media life. While lower flows can be used and MAY provide adequate results, using less than the recommended flows WILL void the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Warranties on the tank and control valve will remain unaffected.
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