Air Injection Platinum 15 System

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  • Air Injection Platinum 15 System
  • Air Injection Platinum 15 System
  • Air Injection Platinum 15 System
  • Air Injection Platinum 15 System
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  • Salt and chemical free
  • Up to 27 ppm iron
  • Up to 17 ppm hydrogen sulfide
  • Up to 11 ppm manganese
  • 9 GPM service flow
  • 12 GPM peak flow
  • 9.4 GPM minimum required
  • 12"x52" tank (Vortech OPTIONAL)
  • 1.5 cubic feet Filox (Mang-Ox)

Air Injection Platinum systems remove the highest level of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (sulfur or rotten egg odor) without chemical injection. For more on our Air Injection systems click here.

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14 Reviews

  • 5
    air injection platinum 15

    Posted by robert wadkins on Jun 5 2021

    Installed the end of May 2021 working well. Replace a green sand filter. The injectors on the green sand filter continue to plug.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Jose Freyre on Feb 23 2021

    Priced well, little stock issues but other than that went smoothly

  • 5
    Bought the Air Injection Platinum 15 System to remove sulfate from my well water.

    Posted by Luke on Aug 19 2020

    I live in Florida Tampa area and have well water I have a water softener and 3 stage big blue with 20in filters. But I still had a bad rotten egg smell and bad taste in the water. I had my water tested by a lab and it still had 9.42 PPM sulfate which gives off the bad smell. I got this system because it claims to remove up to 17 ppm. I’ve not had my water retested but there is zero smell and no more bad taste in the water. The system has been working without any problems for the few weeks I’ve had it installed. I would recommend this to anyone that has sulfate in there water. I put this system before my water softener per the instructions. Well Tank > Air Injection System > Water Softener > 3 Stage Water Filters > House

  • 5
    Best Iron filter

    Posted by William E Adolph on Jan 24 2020

    Best Iron filter I have seen yet works like no other. Easy hookup big reduction

  • 5
    Platinum 15 system

    Posted by Steven Parker on Jan 21 2020

    Great. Water changed from foul smelling, leaving stains behind to no smell and no orange stains! Would highly recommend but get the right one for water you have! GReat!

  • 5
    Platinum 15

    Posted by Rusty on Feb 20 2018

    My water has a lot of iron in it. Installed this system and you could really tell the difference right off the bat. Have had it installed for about two weeks now. Was a good investment. Very happy with it.

  • 5
    Worst to First

    Posted by Joe on Dec 23 2016

    Well water went from undrinkable and staining everything to amazing!

  • 5
    Perfect for heavy iron

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 16 2016

    I am so happy with this product. I keep telling others about it. I had heavy iron in my water. Now you would never had known.

  • 5
    Clear, fresh water again at last!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 16 2016

    Our old system from a local company was broken during recent addition project on our house. In the year or so during this construction we went without a filter, all of our toilets, tubs, etc had become rust stained, and our water slowly developed a less than pleasant taste. So, after the first time a bath was drawn in the new master, and the water turned orange after about 5 min of having the jets running, we decided to purchase a new iron machine to avoid ruining all of the fixtures in the new addition. It's been approximately 2 months since installation, and I'm very pleased. The fixtures in the addition are still squeaky clean white, and the poor taste of the water throughout the house has gone away (it took a few weeks). All this for considerably less than what the local company wanted to charge for replacement.

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