0.5 cu ft Digital Filox 5 System Fleck 2510SXT

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  • 0.5 cu ft Digital Filox 5 System Fleck 2510SXT
  • 0.5 cu ft Digital Filox 5 System Fleck 2510SXT


  • Low Flow system
  • Iron up to 15ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulfide up to 7ppm
  • Manganese up to 3ppm
  • Choice of connection size
  • Complete system with Fleck 2510SXT Digital Valve, bypass, and installation instructions
  • Half cubic foot system for homes lacking flow enough for larger systems
  • Included booklet covers setup, installation and programming, with images and access to videos so most people can install the system on their own
  • Service flow: 3 GPM
  • Flow required for backwash: 4.2 GPM

High quality, chemical free iron removal for the whole home. Includes installation and programming instructions designed for the do-it-yourself installer. Standard plastic connection is low cost with two part bypass and yoke. Upgrade to stainless steel for a single piece bypass for tighter spaces. Match the size to your plumbing for simpler installation.

Main resin tank is approximately 8" x 44"" (approximately 50" overall height with control head). Filox/Mang-Ox is a chemical free solution for removing iron up to 15ppm, manganese up to 3ppm, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S or rotten egg odor) up to 7ppm. (Actual removal capabilites may vary depending on a number of factors)

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2 Reviews

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    Filox 5 System

    Posted by RJ on Jul 24 2020

    I needed to get an iron filter so my sub-irrigation lines wouldn’t clog. Mark B. was excellent in explaining my options and answering all questions so I could make an informed decision. Received my lab reports on iron after install and was shocked when I saw Iron - .012 mg/L and Manganese - 2.6 ug/L. Those numbers could be considered only trace amounts. Noticed the soap lathering in the shower right away. No spots on the dishes and I’m confident I won’t be seeing any orange staining on my high dollar tech. shirts after laundry. Only downside is my system using 140 gals. every 3 days for the 2 cycle backwash. Nothing you can do about it if you want your media to last and do the job. Probably going to route some of the water to cistern for surface watering of lawn and gardens. Only unknown is how the system will perform over the long term. Very easy to plumb in to existing system right after pressure tank. Wish I would have done this 36 years ago when I bought house. Very happy I put my trust and money with AFW filters.

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    0.5 cu ft Digital Filox 5 System Fleck 2510SXT

    Posted by Herb on Aug 1 2018

    I am impressed with how well this small unit clears up our iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. It gets everything. The water has never been so clear. I don't care for the bulky control head and it likes to trickle drops through the discharge tube after it cleans itself (about 1 drop per second or two, not a lot), but the water quality far outweighs the minor concern. I set it for a two day cycle. It really doesn't use a lot of water for backwashing, which is good because we have a low flow well. Great unit, very happy with it.

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