Pentair High Output Tankless RO On Demand Reverse Osmosis System

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Pentair High Flow RO
  • Continuous flow
  • No pump required
  • No tank - on demand water
  • Includes Faucet
  • Includes post filter
  • Includes drain adapter
  • Spec Sheet
Continuous flow system
System outputs a continuous flow up to 1/2 gallon per minute.
High efficiency - recovery rate up to 29%
Standard RO systems operate at 20% recovery, with lower recovery rates common as the tank fills. With no tank the PRF-RO offers significantly reduced waste.
No pump required
Will deliver as much as 1/4 gallon per minute with standard line pressure of > 40 psi.
No tank - on demand system
System makes water when you need it, so there is no tank required and no worries about running out of treated water.

By combining years of research and a radically different approach, Pentair has created a totally new point-of-use drinking water system. The PRF-RO offers continuous-flow water production capable of up to 1/2 a gallon per minute, eliminating the need for a storage tank. This means no more limit on how much water you can use, smaller space requirements, and fewer components to replace!

Another big benefit of the system is water production at typical house pressures. Most high output systems require high pressure pumps, but with patented twin high production membranes, the PRF-RO system can produce purified water with pressure as low an 40 psi. This brings high purity water to almost every home without requiring the additional cost of a high pressure pump or the need for electrical power for the system.

With high output water at your fingertips, you can enjoy purified water for all your family's needs - coffee, tea, and drinks will taste cleaner; soups, stews, and other cooking uses will be safer; and with on demand availability you can provide purified water for your pets and still not worry about running out of water when guests come over.

High capacity output also makes the PRF-RO system ideal for small commercial applications. Coffee shops, small restaurants, hydroponic systems, and more can benefit from the capabilities the Pentair PRF-RO system can offer, all at a fraction of the cost of large commercial systems.

Faucet Included
Faucet Included
Basic chrome faucet provides dedicated water delivery.
Drain Fitting
Drain Fitting
Drain Boa drain fitting allows for simple installation of the drain line.
Post Filter
Post Filter
Final polishing filter ensure fresh, great tasting water.
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