Mechanical Turbidex 30 Sediment Filter Fleck 2510

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  • Mechanical Turbidex 30 Sediment Filter Fleck 2510
  • Mechanical Turbidex 30 Sediment Filter Fleck 2510
  • Tank Color - Black
  • Tank Color - Almond
  • Tank Color - Blue


Complete 3 Cubic Foot Digital Turbidex™ System
Sediment and turbidity reduction filter

  • Mechanical 2510 valve
  • Traps sediment as small as 5-micron
  • 3 cubic feet Turbidex media
  • 14-inch x 65-inch resin tank - color is black by default
  • Includes bypass with 1-inch yoke
  • Service flow - 12.8 GPM
  • Peak flow - 21.4 GPM
  • Backwash flow MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - 15 GPM
  • Backwash flow RECOMMENDED - 19.3 GPM
  • Manufacturer warranty - Control Head/5 year - Tank/10 year

The advanced technology of Turbidex will provide cleaner, clearer water. Using a combination of mechanical separation, sedimentation, flocculation, absorption, and ion-exchange provides a much higher level of filtration than standard sediment filtration systems.

Reduces sediment down as small as 5-microns, which is smaller that the naked eye can see. In addition, the Turbidex media will improve water clarity, reducing the cloudiness or haziness caused by turbidity that typical sediment filters will not address.

Automatic backwash is controlled by a 12-day timer on the mechanical Fleck 2510 control head. Mechanical controls eliminate the digital display, which simplifies the system and reduces potential maintenance costs.

Complete system includes all the required filter components, you just have to get standard plumbing parts to connect the system to your water lines.


Turbidex is a registered trademark of Hydro-Source Systems, LLC.
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