Pressurized 4.0 Gallon RO Storage Tank

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Product Features

Pressurized Storage Tank

Precharged for ease of use

Stainless Steel

High quality stainless steel resists corrosion and avoids leeching concerns

4 Gallon Size

Storage capacity approximately 3.2 gallons depending on pressure and system configuration

1/4" Connection

Standard connection uses common ball valve included with most RO systems

NSF Approved

Meets NSF Standard 58

Versatile Design

Tank can be used vertically or horizontally and includes stand for vertical use


Diameter - 11"
Height - 14"
Weight (empty) - 10 lb

Product Description

Typical reverse osmosis systems produce water at a very slow rate, which requires long waits when filling a glass or getting water for cooking. Storage tanks are used to hold the purified water and deliver it at a reasonable rate, allowing much quicker water collection.

Pressurized storage tanks are the tank of choice for RO systems for multiple reasons. Pressurized storage tanks are closed, reducing contaminate risks, and do not require the use of a delivery pump for short (10-15 ft) supply lines.

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4 Reviews

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    Pressurized 4 Gallon Ro Storage Tank

    Works Great

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    Easy to install. Works as advertised.

    Why didn't you tell me about the air valve core behind the blue cover. * from AFW: the air valve is if you need to adjust, it comes pre charged and typically you never need to change anything there*

  • 5
    Storage tank

    It works great after replace it for the 1st tank was 13 years old. Happy Lady!

  • 5
    Excellent Tank and Reasonable Price!

    Changing our RO storage tank was just what we needed. Increased flow and storage.

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