Trojan UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer - 10 GPM (NSF CERTIFIED)

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Product Features

Chemical Free

Ultraviolet light destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses & protozoan (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia without the use of chemicals

Treats 10 GPM

Treats up to 10 gpm@40mJ/cm² and is NSF certified

Integrated Flow Restrictor

Restricts flow to 10 GPM to prevent exceeding NSF flow rate, ensuring maximum UV dosage

NSF Certified

Fully NSF certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 55 Class A

UV Intensity Monitor

Sensor monitors intensity of UV bulb to ensure UV levels are maintained.

Lamp Life Timer

LED Display counts down lamp life, showing at a glance how long before the lamp needs changed

CoolTouch Temperature Reduction

The CoolTouch significantly reduces water temperature and does not waste any water

Combo Ports

Connect to either 1 1/4" NPT or 1" FNPT

Stainless Steel Reactor Chamber

Compact housing made of 316L SST stainless steel with 10-year warranty

User-Friendly Power Supply

Simple LED indicator lights verify everything is working at a glance and makes troubleshooting easy. Color coded plug-and-play make connecting the system and accesories quick and simple.

COMMcenter (Optional)

The optional COMMcenter displays the dosage and can monitor up to 9 systems. The COMMcenter can be added to your order by going to the "Options" tab above.

Solenoid Valve (Optional)

The optional 1" solenoid valve utilizes a plug-and-play connection and stop water flow in the event that water treatment is compromised.

High Output, Long Lasting Lamp

High output mercury vapor lamps provide reliable, consistent UV treatment. Revolutionary design allows lamp to last 2 years before needing replaced.

Quartz Sleeve Integration

Unique integration the quartz sleeve and lamp assemblies allow for simplified replacement while still allowing for lamp only changes

Easy Lamp Change

No tools required, and the water doesn't even need to be shut off

Mounting Clamps

Simple mounting clips allow for mounting, easing installation

Manufacturer Waranty

Reaction Chamber - 10 years
Structural, hardware, and electrical - 5 years
Lamp, Sleeve, & UV Sensor - 1 year

Purchase system from Abundant Flow Water and receive 10% off yearly replacement lamps for life!

Replacement Sleeve:
Replacement Sensor:

Well water is commonly the home of bacteria and viruses. If water from those wells are drank, the bacteria can breed and may cause any number of sicknesses. This is an even bigger threat to children and those with compromised or reduced immunities. The age old standard for treating bacteria is well water is chlorine, however, this method has a number of disadvantages when compared to UV. The biggest disadvantage is the use of chemicals to do the treatment, as well as higher operating costs, more maintenance, and more equipment. UV (ultraviolet) treatment provides a simple, chemical free way to eliminate bacteria from the water. Utilizing high power UV-C rays, the UV system penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, rending them unable to reproduce and thus inert.

Trojan has led the development of water treatment solutions using environmentally friendly ultraviolet (UV) light. Trojan has the largest installed base of UV systems in operation on the planet, and many of their innovations define the industry standards for safeguarding your water from the damaging effects of microbial and chemical contamination. Install a Trojan UV Max disinfection system and you no longer have to be concerned about waterborne pathogenic organisms causing illness. Trojan UV systems kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens by preventing them from reproducing. The UVMAX™ Pro Series offers a unique combination of brains and brawn, with twice the raw power of other UV systems and the intelligence to provide a real-time measure of the delivered dose. Most importantly, we've drastically improved the most critical measure of a UV system's performance - it's ability to deliver a constant, reliable dose. This means you can feel comfortable treating ice-cold waters and hot water recirculation lines, in a cool basement or a hot pump house!

Simple to install, simple to use, and simple to maintain, this system provides safe water, simply. Replacing the bulb requires no tools and doesn't even require turning the water off!

Please Note: Effective UV treatment requires clean water, and hardness, iron, sediment, and any other contaminates that may block transmittance of the UV rays should be removed prior to UV treatment. See the more info tab for further guidelines.

Q. What does the Pro model have that the Max or Plus models do not?
When you purchase a Pro model UV system, you are getting the same great UV disinfection the normal model has, but with added peace of mind and security. All Plus models include the lamp-age display and alarm system w/reset button. They also include a UV intensity montior, which is used to keep a close eye on the amount of UV you are getting into your water. The UV Intensity Montior is required in some states when installing a UV (contact your water company or building inspector) and will ensure that you are getting proper disinfection. If the UV intensity begins to drop, then you know its time to clean the sleeve or replace the lamp. Another added safety feature is NSF certification that this UV system will guarantee you proper UV disinfection by use of a flow restrictor preventing you from pushing too much water through the system. This NSF certification will ensure the required 40m/J level of UV for complete disinfection of your water. CoolTouch may be required for your installation.

Q. What is a CoolTouch and why would I need it?
A CoolTouch system is needed for all UV systems that have UV intensity montiors where water is not in use 24/7. The CoolTouch will move water through the UV chamber to reduce the tempurature of the water. If the water is allowed to get too warm, the UV intensity monitor will show that the UV intensity is too low and set off an alarm. This CoolTouch helps to prevent that alarm from going off and also keeps the water cool inside the chamber. Since the UV lamp is always on, if water is not in use all the time, adding this is a requirement.

Q. Is there a lot of maintenance required with a UV system?
All you have to do is priodically clean the lamp sleeve and replace your lamp once every 2 years - simple processes you can complete in minutes. For ease of handling the lamp and protective quartz sleeve are designed as one component, but can be replaced seperatly. No tools are required for maintenance

Q. What type of warranty does the Trojan UV Max Systems come with?
The Trojan UV Max comes with a full five year warranty against manufacturer's defects on the power supply and all electrical components; a ten year guarantee on the water chamber; and a one year warranty on lamps and UV intensity monitors.

Q. Why is it recommend to pretreat the water before installing a Trojan UV Max System?
A 5-micron sediment pre-filter(link) is recommend to remove dirt and debris. The reason for this pretreatment is the quality of the water can not only affect the dosage of UV disinfection the system provides, it may also cause premature "sleeve fouling" which will require the sleeve to be cleaned more often, and may also damage the UV sleeve.

Q. What is a CoolTouch Kit?
The Cool Touch kit is a feature that will release hot water from the UV chamber before the water inside the chamber reaches a temperature in which the UV Intensity Alarm is tripped. This Kit is required for models that include a UV Intensity Monitor.

Q. What makes the Trojan UV Max light more effective than other on the market?
The UV light is generated from a low-pressure, high-output lamp new to the residential and commerical UV market. These lamps provide a higher intensity of UV light making it possible to treat a given volume of water with smaller, more efficient units.

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