Filox MangOx Media - 0.5 cu ft

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Product Features

0.5 cubic foot Filox*
*Also called MangOx

For removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), and manganese

Removes up to 10 ppm iron

Causes red/orange staining with levels as low as 0.3 ppm. Treats both ferrous (clear water or dissolved) and ferric (red water or oxidized) iron.

Removes up to 3 ppm hydrogen sulfide

The cause of rotten egg odor. Incorrectly referred to as sulfur most of the time.

Removes up to 5 ppm Manganese

Can cause black slime buildup in toilet tanks and may impart a metallic taste to the water

6 GPM/cubic feet Service Flow

Filox* (MangOx) is rated for 6 GPM service flow per FULL CUBIC foot of media

Min. 12 GPM/ft2 Backwash Flow

Filox* requires 12-15 GPM per SQUARE foot of tank area for backwashing

Product Description

Highly refined manganese dioxide provide the highest removal capabilities of iron and hydrogen sulfide without the use of air or chemical injection. Excellent flow rates make Filox* (MangOx) one of the best medias for iron, sulfur, and manganese removal. Amount of media needed can be determined by tank size.

8"x44" Tank - 0.5 cubic foot

9"x48" Tank - 1 cubic foot

10"x54" Tank - 1.5 cubic feet

12"x48" Tank - 2 cubic feet

13"x54" Tank - 3 cubic feet

Note: Sizing not applicable to Air Injection systems. For sizing air injection systems, remove 0.5 cubic foot for your tank size, e.g. a 10"x54" Air Injection system only uses 1 cubic foot of media

More Info

Operation Conditions   Physical Properties
Active Ingredient Min. 75% Manganese Dioxide Color grey-black
Service Flow 6 GPM/cubic feet Physical Form Granular
Freeboard 30%-50% Screen Size 12 x 40
Backwash Rate 12-15 GPM/ft² @ 60°F Bulk Density 114 lb/cubic feet
Bed Depth 20" Minimum Odor & Taste none
pH Range 6.3 - 9.0 Standard Package 1/2 cubic feet bags (57 lb)
Removal Capacity Life Expectancy
Iron up to 10ppm Manufacturer: Essentially unlimited for low contaminant concentrations
Hydrogen Sulfide up to 3ppm Typical Results 4-5 years average dependant on contaminate levels, backwash flow rates, and backwash frequency
Manganese up to 5ppm    
Service Flows
Service flow rate is the manufacturers recommendation for maximum contaminate removal at a constant flow for media alone. Intermittent flow rate and/or lower contaminate levels MAY allow higher treatment flow rates.

Backwash Flow Rates
The backwash flow rate is the minimum rate that MUST be available to ensure proper backwashing and adequate media life. While lower flows can be used and MAY provide adequate results, media life may be significantly reduced.
*Important Note
Filox is the most widely known brand name for filtration media containing a minimum of 75% manganese dioxide. Other brand names shipped may include (but are not limited to): Catalox, Terminox, and MangOx, all containing a minimum of 75% manganese dioxide.
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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 9 2019

    I'm a customer since 2012 and want to at first to say Abundant Water Co provide fast service, fast feedback on my calls and has excellent installation instructions for their product on the website. Each time having a question I go to these instructions and could find the answer. As of Filox - it works very good for my home removing iron from well water.

  • 4
    It's what I expected

    Posted by Arthur on Aug 9 2017

    Came to me in a timely manner.

  • 5
    Clear water at last

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 13 2017

    This media is amazing. I have a high iron content in my well water. It would stain everything and tasted terrible. Now it is as clear as bottled water and I can taste my coffee again.

  • 4
    Works very well at removing iron

    Posted by Mike Howe on May 3 2016

    The Filox media works very well at removing iron from our water. We have between 15 and 20 ppm iron and never have iron problems. I give it only 4 stars because it is so finely ground that after about 24 months, it has traveled through the garnet and plugged up the intake. Which requires cleaning the tank and replacing the media.

  • 5
    Good water again!

    Posted by cj on Jul 4 2015

    We have 15ppm iron in our water. This means we need a robust system. This system is the first (and NOT the most expensive) that has cleaned our water. The filox medium is good for about three years. Most definitely a five star investment.

  • 5
    Abundant Flow Filox Media

    Posted by Jane on Jun 5 2015

    This media seems to be the best and Abundant Flow has it priced the best of any place I could find.

  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 23 2015

    We have been using this and it works great. It's time to replenish, and I have no problem buying and using it again.

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