1.5 cubic Foot (48k) On Demand Whole Home Water Softener with High Capacity Resin

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  • 1.5 cubic Foot (48k) On Demand Whole Home Water Softener with High Capacity Resin
  • 1.5 cubic Foot (48k) On Demand Whole Home Water Softener with High Capacity Resin
  • 1.5 cubic Foot (48k) On Demand Whole Home Water Softener with High Capacity Resin
  • 1.5 cubic Foot (48k) On Demand Whole Home Water Softener with High Capacity Resin
  • 1.5 cubic Foot (48k) On Demand Whole Home Water Softener with High Capacity Resin
Sale Price: $584.00
Standard Price: $729.00


  • Standard high capacity 8% crosslink resin for low cost softening
  • Choice of tank color and connection size
  • Complete system with Fleck 5600SXT Digital Metered Valve, bypass, brine tank, and installation instructions
  • One and a half cubic foot system for average homes with moderate hardness, max capacity 48,000 grains (48k)
  • Included booklet covers setup, installation and programming, with images and access to videos so most people can install the system on their own
  • Service flow: 6.5 GPM
  • Peak flow: 9.8 GPM
  • Flow required for backwash: 2.7 GPM

High quality, whole home water softener designed by AFWFilters. Includes installation and programming instructions written by a WQA certified Water Quality specialist to ensure you get the best results. Meter based on-demand regeneration with the Fleck 5600SXT offers efficient regeneration based on your water use. Complete with brine tank and choice of connection. Standard plastic connection is low cost with two part bypass and yoke. Upgrade to stainless steel for a single piece bypass for tighter spaces. Match the size to your plumbing for simpler installation.

Main resin tank is approximately 10" x 54" (approximately 62" overall height with control head). Brine tank is approximately 14"x14"x36" tall, both tanks will be in the selected color. High capacity resin is 8% crosslink and offers effective softening at a low price. System comes with 1.5 cubic feet of resin capable of removing a maximum of 48,000 grains (48k) of hardness between regenerations (actual capacity dependent on system settings and water chemistry).

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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Just tested the water for the first time since installation.

    Posted by ROBERT H MEYER on May 13 2021

    < 1 grain per gallon. This is replacing a $6200.00 Culligan system that was destroyed by the big freeze. This unit appears to work just as well. In fact, it may work a little too well. Nevertheless, the cost was just 20% of the Culligan system, with installation, and appears to be every bit as good to me. I'm going to look into dialing it back just a little bit to allow just a little hardness in the water.

  • 5
    Great Customer Service and Great Product!

    Posted by Chris Wimmer on Jun 5 2020

    I had a great experience when purchasing this product. The staff was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions, the product was delivered in a timely manner, and it works great. The staff even put the resin in the tank prior to shipping. Great overall experience.

  • 5
    Amazing! Simple install and quality product

    Posted by Brien on May 4 2020

    Great product for a 3 br 2 ba home family of 4. Go the 48,000 unit install was a breeze. Got ahold of support to confirm setup and programming. Definitely go with this if you're deciding on a home unit. Avoid the box store plastic junks and get this great buy!

  • 5
    Fleck 5600SXT

    Posted by Jessica Kobzik on Mar 9 2020

    So far so good. Easy install, straightforward programming. Excellent customer service (Mariah Nebel in particular), very responsive and helpful. I will be buying another system shortly.

  • 5
    Great System !

    Posted by Barry Craig on Dec 5 2019

    This is the first Water Softener I ever owned. We have very hard water 24 hardness. Installed the Fleck 5600 SXT. Very simple install, went from a 24 hardness to a 0 hardness. I am very happy with the results. Would recommend it.

  • 5
    Impressive Setup

    Posted by STEVEN VEGA on Nov 9 2017

    This is my first water softener, bought along with the Air Injection Gold 10 filter. I have it setup in my garage where the pressure tank was already installed. Easy to setup, installation along with the filter took all day since I had to bring in the water from outside and I have a block home. Also wasted a couple hrs looking for 60'of 1/2" ID clear vinyl tubing for draining the 2 units that I forgot to buy. All in all the unit works great, can't believe the difference it makes in the shower and washing dishes.

  • 5
    First class

    Posted by James Lincoln on Jan 28 2017

    I've had different systems and this is the best. Master program took some research but got it right. Tested my water and it showed 0 iron and hardness, well figures are +10. Good shipping and tech. support.

  • 5
    Best Softeners on the Market

    Posted by Edward J OReilly on Apr 5 2016

    Pro: Easy setup, Stainless Steel Bypass valve in cluded, online support. Memory backup. Resin loading funnel included. Con: plumbing fittings not included. Recommend quick connect fitting be included. ----- AFW: There are too many variables in how each system will be installed and to what type of pipes will be used. All fittings for the system are included, but basic pipe and fittings to run your water lines vary and cannot be sent

  • 5
    Great suuport

    Posted by Tom on Jan 29 2016

    The main point I want to make is that the support from Abundant Flow was excellent. They were easy to contact and helped me with all my questions. We only have the unit installed for a month or so but so far no problems. Easy to setup and Operate. There was some confusion about the O-ring in the control head but other than not everything was as I would expect. I also tested our water and the hardness is definitely gone: from 12-15 GPG to basically zero so that unit is functioning as I would expect.

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