Purolite C100E High Capacity Water Softener Refill Kit - 1.5 cu ft (48k) with funnel

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    • Replacement resin and funnel
    • Purolite C100E High capacity resin
    • Includes 1.5 cu ft resin

Replacement resin kits make it easy to replace the resin in your tank. Includes the specified amount of resin as well as a funnel to make loading easier! Gravel is not required on standard softeners but can be added if desired. PLEASE NOTE: Resin may ship in generic bags

Standard tank sizes and resin amounts

      • 1 cu ft - 32k - 9x48-inch tank
      • 1.5 cu ft - 48k - 10x54-inch tank
      • 2 cu ft - 64kk - 12x52 OR 12x48-inch tank
      • 2.5 cu ft - 80k - 13x54-inch tank
      • 3 cu ft - 96k - 14x65-inch tank
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